How to Thrift based on your Qi

Updated: Jun 25

Shopping secondhand has become a popular option for fashion and clothing lovers. Living in Seattle, home of Macklemore and his iconic song, Thriftshop, I think there are more secondhand stores on one block than there are Starbucks. Even furniture stores are getting in on the action, from consignment shops to Goodwills and Salvation Armies.

Now thrift shops get a bad rap sometimes because you can find anything and everything in them. I'll be honest, a lot of it is cheap junk, but you are able to find some gems at amazing prices. It can be a little daunting and overwhelming for some, but fear not. Even the most anti-shoppers can conquer these stores with a little guidance and direction.

It is important to have an idea in mind of what you are shopping for. One of the ways to do this is by thrifting based on your qi. Qi is the term for energy used in Feng Shui. This qi is broken into the five elements of Feng Shui and can be used as a self-identification tool. It guides everything in life, from our health to our mood....even our design preferences.

Using Feng Shui and our personal qi, we can thrift with confidence. If you don't know what your elemental qi is, you can find that out in my linked post.


Water Qi

Water types are often artists, introverts, and deeply emotional/intuitive. They gravitate towards moody design palettes and love old 'occultist' vibes. Ornate metal frames, cloches, and candlesticks create that mystic feel.

On the other hand, there is also this global and collector mentality about them. Thrifting oriental rugs, bohemian tapestries, and carved trunks would be up their alley. It means even more to the Water Qi people if they got this piece while traveling.