The Benefits of adding Linen to your Home and Decor

Updated: Jun 12

When it comes to our homes, one of the big design features is the fabrics we are bringing into our spaces. From furniture to pillows, bedding to bath towels, fabrics and textiles make up so much of our homes.

Linen is one of those natural fabrics that has a luxurious reputation. But linen is far more than a fancy fabric. It has so many benefits to better our homes and our lives. Here are five amazing benefits of linen fabric.


It Saves Water

One of the environmental differences between linen and cotton is that linen drastically uses less water than cotton. This difference is about 1/3rdthe water usage. This is because linen can grow in tougher terrains, making it an eco-friendly fabric choice.

It’s Stronger than Cotton

Not only is Linen lightweight, but it’s super strong as well. In fact, it is 30% stronger than cotton. With the wear and tear our homes can get, having a durable fabric is key. It also retains is color better than cotton, which can fade and get yellow overtime due to sun damage. With linen, you’ll have that beautiful color for years to come.

It’s Super Soft