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The Best Essential Oils Scents for Spring - Connect your Home to the Spring Season

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Spring is in the air, and that means all the wonderful springtime scents and smells. As much as spring is about the fresh new life, emerging flowers and leaves, it's about the aromatic odors. From fresh rain to sweet florals, the scents of spring and refreshing and rejuvenating.

You don't just have to step outside every time you are wanting to smells this pleasant aromas. You can bring these scents into your home with the help of essential oils. Here are the top essential oils to be adding to your home this spring season.



Having a distinct citrus scent, Bergamot is a classic and essential essential oil. Studies have found Bergamot oil to assist in relieving depression and promoting calmness. Its scent works in reducing tension, such as body pains and headaches, and can be a relaxing sedative for the nervous system.


Springtime is full of wonderful aromas in the air, but also allergies. If you're someone that gets the springtime hay fevers, sniffles, and allergens, then chamomile essential oil is the scent for you. Chamomile helps in relieving respiratory discomforts, such as nasal inflammation, coughing, and difficulty breathing. So you can start enjoying the scents over the sinus issues spring brings.


An anti-inflammatory, Gardenia's scent is supposedly great for colds and flus. As you transition out of winter and into spring, make sure your immune system is healthy and happy. Since Gardenia is also an antibacterial and anti-microbial oil, added to an essential oil diffuser, it can help to clear up the air impurities and improve your home's indoor air quality.


If you're someone that wants to connect to the original meaning and messages behind spring, then Jasmine oil is your aroma to include into your home. First, a history lesson. Originally spring was a season and time of year associated with fertility, sex, and birth. Many weddings and births would happen at this time, and pagan cultures included sexual rituals to celebrate the Spring Equinox. So to add a little frisky fun into your spring regime, try the scent of Jasmine. It's thought that its smell is an aphrodisiac and can cure sexual problems like impotence and premature ejaculation.


I love the scent of lilac. Growing up, my family had a lilac bush, and every spring, its pleasant aroma would attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and myself. Lilac oil has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means that this oil is helpful in fighting off air borne pathogens, boosting your immune system. Energetically, lilac promotes light-heartedness and friendship.


If you want to bring more peaceful spring energies into your home, then look no further than the scent of lavender. One of the most relaxing smells, lavender helps in lowering your cortisol levels, a key component in stress and anxiety. Lavender also is beneficial in promoting a more peaceful and relaxing night's rest, so add a few drops in your bedroom's essential oil diffuser for a soothing slumber.


Fight me, but there is no fresher scent then lemon. Its aroma has strong associations to cleanliness and freshness, and is a popular smell for many household cleaners. Lemon essential oil has some great health benefits, one of which is its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Add a few drops to your DIY home cleaners for an added clean bonus and refreshing scent. The scent of lemon also helps to uplift your mood and clear your mind, making it a great smell for the home office or any room that you need stronger mental clarity in.


Rose essential oil has a strong link with love and beauty. Similar to jasmine oil, rose oil is believed to enhance one's sex drive, making it a great scent for some bedroom sensuality. Rose essential oil also works in relieving stress, depression, and anxiety, releasing the chemical dopamine in your brain. Add it to your essential oil diffuser and fill your home with this aromatic aroma.

Ylang Ylang

This floral scent has huge benefits to your mood. The scent of ylang ylang has been shown to lower stress and anxiety, while providing a calmer and more relaxing mood. It promotes positivity, joy, and optimism, and can create a cheerful energy for any space the scent is in.

Try these essential oils out for yourself and your home, and bring in that refreshing and clearing energy of spring. Be sure to check out my other post for the top essential oil diffusers to have as well!


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