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The Best Gift Ideas for your Holistic Home this 2021 Holiday Season

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

It's the holidays and I've gotta ask....what are you wanting this year? Some of us are dreaming of shining toys like new kitchen appliances or cute decor, while others of us are wanting less materialistic gifts, such as peace, health, and happiness. Well what if I told you that you can have all?

Creating holistic homes of health and happiness is kind of my thing, and I've put together a shopping list of great products and items to add to your home that not only make it look nicer, but do a lot of good for our health! Scroll on to find out the items for creating a happier and healthier home.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy has been gaining popularity in recent years and that is due to the amazing benefits that essential oils have. Your sense of smell is your most powerful sense and has been shown to connect and influence certain emotions and lower stress. Looking for more peace and relaxation? Try lavender. Want more focus for working at home? Rosemary is your pick. With an essential oil diffuser, you can select the scent and mood you are wanting your home to create.

Water Filter

Most people get their tap water from city water systems. The majority of this water is mixed with chemicals such as fluoride, and even chlorine. These chemicals have been linked to some serious health issues. Fluoride for example is a neurotoxin and has been linked to thyroid issues.

To remove these chemicals from your drinking water, get a water filter system. They're less expensive then you might think, and can help to remove those harmful chemicals. Some even keep the minerals intact that are vital for our health, such as calcium and sodium.

Air Purifier

According to the EPA, the air quality of our indoors is 2-5x worse than outside. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues such as headaches, skin irritation, and respiratory issues. Getting an air purifier can keep a consistent level of healthy air circulation throughout your home.

This Alen Air Purifier removes not only the dust and pollutants, but heavy smoke and mold. Plus it comes in a variety of colors so you can find a style that matches your decor.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

If a big air purifier isn't your vibe for removing the pollutants in your home's air, then try a himalayan salt lamp instead. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into our air, which helps to balance the positive ions that our bodies naturally release. This neutralizes the air and helps to remove the access dust, dirt, and pollutants. Plus they give off a warming glow which is perfect for accent mood lighting.

Wake Up Clock

Wake up with more peace and ease without the sounds of a blaring alarm that shakes you out of a deep REM cycle. A sunrise clock will naturally wake you up with sounds and brightness gradually increasing in a calm and gentle way. It works with the natural rhythm of the sun to ensure you are getting proper sleep, which as we know, is important for your health.

Compost Bin

About 95% of discarded food ends up in landfills. This food waste contains a variety of minerals and nutrients that isn't properly being returned to the soil. Having a compost bin in your home to throwaway food scraps, you can return this food properly to the earth or your own garden.

Foldable Drying Rack

While your home or apartment might have a dryer, there are benefits to air drying your clothing. For one, air drying saves energy, which helps the planet. Switching to air drying your clothes can reduce your carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds. Using a drying rack to dry your garments also preserves the clothes longer. That is because every time you use the dryer, small bits of fabric are scrapped off and end up in your lint trap. Air drying helps to protect your clothes, making them wear less. Choose a bamboo or wooden drying rack made from eco materials to be even greener.

Food Dehydrator

If you are really wanting to get into the zero-waste life and homestead it up, then a food dehydrator is essential. That is because you can reduce your food waste in so many ways! From making your own jerky or dried fruit snacks to cool DIY crafts, there are so many ways to use a dehydrator. It's a sustainable kitchen gadget that is versatile and encourages more healthy eating.

Shower Filter

Just like your drinking water is important, so is your bath water. That's because your skin is your largest organ. It is constantly absorbing the environments around you, taking in nutrients.... chemicals and pollutants. Most shower water is full of heavy metals, chorine, and other sediments. Having a shower filter to remove these impurities from your water will make sure you are getting the cleanest shower possible. Find one that also adds to your water, such as the one listed, which has vitamin C - a vitamin that benefits healthy skin and a good immune system.

Mattress Topper

Sleep is a cornerstone of a healthy life. Studies have shown that getting a good night's rest can keep your heart healthy, reduce stress and inflammation, and improve memory. You spend 1/3 of your life asleep, so it is important to have a quality mattress. However, with a good quality mattress costing thousands, it might not always been attainable. A mattress topper is a great solution, helping you to get good sleep without sacrificing a lot of money. Choose a mattress topper made of latex rather than memory foam, which is a natural material and a more sustainable choice.

Enjoy creating a holistic home this holiday season. Or give the gift of a healthier and happier home to someone you love with one of these products. Happy Holidays!


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