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The best Healthy and Natural Ways to Clean your Home - Eco-Friendly and Low Tox Tips

Spring is here, so let's dust off the cobwebs and do everyone's favorite seasonal activity....spring cleaning.

A good spring cleaning can make your home feel new and fresh, and what is more fresh than cleaning your home with healthier and cleaner products?

Despite the artificial fresh scents, traditional cleaning products are anything but clean and healthy. Full of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, chloride, and sulfates, these chemicals negatively affect the body in a variety of ways. Plus, these are not safe for the planet either, causing soil contamination, polluted waterways, and destruction towards wildlife.

Thankfully, your holistic home helper has been doing the zero waste, sustainable cleaning game for years and has some recommendations for those wanting to make the swap towards a cleaner way to clean.

Here is my MUST list for eco-friendly cleaning for your home.


Swedish Dishcloths

We love the Sweds for their meatballs, stylish furniture, and now super absorbent sponge dishcloths. These dishcloths replace your normal paper towels, tea towels, and rags. One dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels and last for months. They absorb 20x their weight and they dry super fast, making them more ideal than the cotton tea towel. Made of cellulose and cotton, they're 100% biodegradable, making them an eco choice for your kitchen cleaning. Plus with all the prints and patterns, they're way cuter than your average rag.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Sponges

If you're a purist when it comes to cleaning, these eco-friendly kitchen sponges might be just your vibe. Made from coconut fiber and white cellulose (plant fiber), it's a eco twist on the classic kitchen sponge. It's an easy swap. So next time you run out of dish sponges, choose this green alternative instead.

Dish soap Block

One of the worst kitchen feelings is running out of dish soap exactly when you need it ( I know from personal experience). But with a dish soap block, you won't have to worry about that every again. These blocks or bars can last up to 5+ months and use less water. Just add a little bit of water to lather up the soap and scrub the grease and grime off your plates. Plus they're low tox and chemical free, making them a safer and healthier option than the traditional liquid dish soap.

Dish Scrub Brushes

A must for the dish soap bar, but also practical for washing dishes in general, these scrub brushes are great a removing tougher caked on food stains. Made with natural materials, it's an eco-friendly solution for your cleaning. Plus this one comes with a cute little holder for your scrubber.

Blueland Dishwasher Tablets

Don't think I forgot about you busy moms and families of five. Hand washing your dishes isn't practical or ideal for everyone, plus there have been debates on which method of cleaning dishes is more sustainable and eco-friendly. So here is a great solution for the dishwasher lovers out there. Blueland offers these dishwasher tablets that work like your normal pods, except they are low tox and healthier for you and your home. We also love the eco packaging.

Blueland Toilet Cleaner

When I first heard of Blueland, I was sold. Founded by a new mom who wanted to do better for the planet and her children, this is a company that practices what it preaches. Offering low tox cleaning products, they help to reduce the plastic problem by their unique sustainable packaging. Their cleaning products come in packets that are water soluble, so you only are buying the cleaning product and not the plastic bottle as well. They offer a wide variety of cleaning products, but I love the toilet cleaner, since we could all use a little help in cleaning our bathrooms.

Bathroom Cleaner

Speaking of bathrooms, for all other surfaces (shower, tub, countertop, and sink), this bathroom sprayer helps to clean and kill bacteria and viruses. Using natural ingredients, it's low tox and a great green solution.

Power Scour

For those areas that need a little extra TLC in your bathroom, this power scour powder (say that 10x fast) is great for removing tough grease, grim, and scum. It's active ingredient is baking soda, so it's a safe and low tox alternative to some harsher chemical scrubbers. Plus is helps in removing bacteria and neutralizing odors...all while being better for you and your health.

Blueland Multi-surface Cleaner

Another Blueland product, this multi-surface spray works on a variety of surfaces, including tile, sealed stone, counters, and wood. It's a great eco-friendly swap, especially if you don't want to have a whole bunch of different cleaning products.

Amber Spray Bottle

A must must must for the low-tox and eco conscious cleaner. Whether you want to pair it with the Blueland cleaning tablets or you're interested in DIY cleaning, amber bottles are a great green investment. The amber tint helps to protect against UV rays, which can cause bacteria growth inside typical clear glass containers. And with this being 100% recyclable glass, it's way better than a plastic sprayer.

Bamboo Brush Set

Another great green investment for your healthy home cleaning are natural cleaning tools. I love my bamboo bristle brushes. Not only are they better than plastic, they're pretty darn beautiful as well (and I'm such an aesthetic girl). I would highly suggest investing in a set like this, as you get a variety of cleaning utensils to suit your specific cleaning needs.

Laundry Detergent Sheets + Strips

I made the switch to laundry detergent sheets five years ago and I haven't looked back. It's a great solution not only for low tox living, but space saving as well, as these sheets take up virtually no room on your laundry shelves. They're also great for traveling with, whether doing an epic road trip, camping, or whatever vacationing you're doing and wanting to be a little greener with your washing.

Wool Dryer Balls

Ditch the dryer sheets. Seriously. Not only are you wasting your money, but they are often full of artificial fragrances and chemicals. Use a natural wool dryer ball instead. They last forever and are so much safer for you, your health, and the planet. So you don't have to sacrifice having static free clothing.


See? Switching to more sustainable options doesn't have to be anything extra for you. These easy and simple swaps not only create a healthier, cleaner home, but a healthier and cleaner planet.

Your Holistic Home Helper,


This post contains affiliate links. A small percentage of your purchases will go toward Honey Lune Hivery.


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