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The Eight Scents to Bring into your Home this Fall Season

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Autumn season is all about bringing the warmth of the past summer indoors. With the weather getting colder and days getting darker, we are looking to invite that cozy and joyful energy that summer had brought us into our homes. Warm beverages, snuggly blankets, and comfort foods are all welcome this fall season.

Another great way we can bring in the feeling of fall into our homes is through scents. Smells and aromas are a powerful tool in creating a more inviting home, and it is an easy way to have your home feeling ready for the season. While candles and potpourri are a nice addition, essential oil blends can be used in various ways to create and curate multiple sensational smells to bring into your home. All you will need is an essential oil diffuser and a couple of amazing fall scents.

Want to know which scents connect to the season of fall? Here are the top eight of my preferred autumn aromas.



Cinnamon's warm and spicy scent make it the perfect aroma to add some autumn bliss to your home. This scent connects to the element of fire and brings in some fiery energies of passion, lust, and love. It can be a great smell to add to the bedroom for some hot action, increasing the energy of the room or any room you are wishing to bring more sensuality in.


Another warming scent, clove also connects to the element of fire and the planet Jupiter. This scent is useful for bringing in prosperity and good fortune. Use it in your home to attract in abundance, good luck, money, and success. The scent of clove also helps to improve your cognitive functioning, so add it to rooms where you want to stay focused, such as a home office.


Cardamom's scent has a relaxing effect on the body, yet uplifting the mind and mood. This makes it an excellent aroma for reducing stress. Cardamom connects to the planet Venus and the element of water. Its' strong feminine or yin ties are associated with love, bringing this energy into the home in a calming manner.

Anise Seed

Anise seeds have been used for protective spells and charms for centuries. Its five points connect to the pentagram, a symbol of protection. It is useful in creating a safe, secure, and cozy feeling for the home. Use it to protect against negative energies or have it in the bedroom at night to prevent nightmares and bad dreams.

Juniper Berry

Juniper has strong cleansing properties and was traditionally used in burials, protective rituals, and to prevent negative energies from causing harm. It is a wonderful scent to add to the home to continually cleanse the energy of the space and yourself.


The scent of nutmeg is said to attract good luck and fortune. It was commonly used in money spells and good luck charms. Bring the scent into your home to attract positive energies of abundance and good fortune. It connects to the element of Air and the planets of Jupiter and Mercury.


Connecting to the sun, orange is an uplifting scent, bringing it motivation, vitality, and high energy. It helps to increase one's mood, aiding in joy and happiness. Being connected to the warmth and radiance of the sun, the scent can attract prosperity and good energy into the home.


A beloved scent, vanilla's warm and comforting smell is associated with love. It was thought to be an aphrodisiac in Mayan and Aztec culture and can be used in your home to attract a calm and loving energy.


Blends to Try

Create a warm and delightful brew for your nose to enjoy this autumn season. Try these easy blend ideas for your essential oil diffuser:

  1. 2 drops Juniper Berry, 2 drops Orange, 1 drops Cinnamon

  2. 2 drops Cinnamon, 1 drops Clove, 1 drops Vanilla

  3. 2 drops Cardamom, 1 drops Nutmeg, 1 drops Clove

  4. 2 drops Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon, 1 drops Clove, 1 drops Vanilla


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