The Schools of Feng Shui - What's the difference between the Form, Compass, and Black Hat Schools

Updated: Jun 12

As a Feng Shui Consultant, one of the BIGGEST confusions that I notice when people are first learning about Feng Shui is knowing about the different schools of Feng Shui. Yes, there isn't just one type of Feng Shui, but many, hence the confusion and misinformation that this ancient energy practice gets.

I was in the same boat myself when I first started learning about Feng Shui. I would read one article about how your home should be set up according to the bagua map. The wealth corner is in this corner, the relationship sector in that corner. Yet in the following article I'd read, the set up completely changed. Apparently the health sector is in the East direction and the Career sector is in the North. Huh?

The multiple information comes from the multiple schools of Feng Shui. Often when most people start learning about Feng Shui, they don't know what school of Feng Shui this information pertains to.

If you're wanting to get more clarity on Feng Shui, knowing about the different types of schools of Feng Shui is the first place to start.