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The Ten Essential Oils Must Haves for your Home

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

My favorite scent is lavender. I swear I inhale this stuff as if I'm getting high off sniffing glue. I can't help it. Lavender instantly soothes my mind, putting me in a jello-like state. I carry a bottle with me in my bag and I use it anytime I need to relax. It also works as a travel hand cleaner, as lavender is antibacterial.

Because I love lavender so much, I also have a bottle for my home. Actually, I have a whole cabinet full of different essential oils. I uses them daily and for various reasons. It's one way I make my home more holistically based.

Essential Oils are commonly used in aromatherapy. This holistic healing treatment has been practiced for centuries in the ancient cultures of India, Egypt and China. These scents, derived from plants, have been used for physical, mental, and emotional healing. While this practice has been used for hundreds of years, science is just starting to put more research into these health benefits.

Essential Oils not only offer healing through aromatherapy, but their medicinal properties can be used in home products. From cleaning supplies to bath soaps, these oils deliver a high concentration of plant matter (and magick).

There are so many essential oils to choose from, it can be a lot to research (and smell). When getting essential oils for your home, it's good to start off with a couple, as not all oils are created equal.

But essential oils can be expensive, depending on the plant. However, a little goes a long way. For example, 1 drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. There is really no need to get excessive with your dabbing, and this can also furlong the life of your oil.

Starting your essential oil collection, here are the ten essential oils to invest in for your home and self.



Benefits | Improves memory . anti-microbial . anti-bacterial . anti-fungal

Energy|  focus . clarity . purify

Use | Aromatherapy . Bath Products


Benefits | anti-microbial . anti bacterial . anti-fungal

Energy | peace . relaxation . calm . sleep . purify

Use | Aromatherapy . Bath Products


Benefits | antimicrobial . anxiety/depression

Energy | invigoration . energize . fresh

Use | Aromatherapy . Cleaning Products


Benefits | Boosts mood . clears and purifies air . removes dirt/grim/goo

Energy | uplifts . energizes . happiness . joy . fresh

Use | Aromatherapy . Cleaning Products


Benefits | antimicrobial . antibacterial . anti-viral . anti-oxidant

Energy | relax . clarity . purify

Use | Aromatherapy . Bath Products . Cleaning Products

Tea Tree

Benefits | anti fungal . anti bacterial . anti microbial . bug repellant

Energy| calm . purity . health

Use | Aromatherapy . Medicinal Products . Bath Products


Benefits | antibacterial .  anti fungal . antidepressant/stress

Energy | grounded . relax . purify

Use | Aromatherapy . Medicinal Products . Cleaning Products


Benefits | bug repellant . respiratory health . antibacterial

Energy | invigorating . purify . fresh

Use | Aromatherapy . Cleaning Products . Bath Products


Benefits | Antibacterial . anti fungal

Energy | fresh . energizing . joy . relax

Use | Aromatherapy . Bath Products


Benefits | antibacterial . headaches . nausea . digestion

Energy | fresh . clarity . calm

Use | Aromatherapy . Bath Products

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