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Top Essential Oil Diffusers for the Home

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

If you know me, then you know I'm an essential oil addict. No, I'm not quite at the MLM level, but I might as well be since I talk about their benefits constantly, especially in the home.

Essential oils, and scents alone, are an incredibly powerful way to boost your mood and lower stress. There have been many studies showing the positive effects certain scents have on your mental health and overall mood. Especially in the home, these can help to create that exact feeling you're looking for in your space, from a peaceful bedroom to a calming living room.

The best way to use essential oils in the home is with an essential oil diffuser. These help to disperse the aroma over a larger square footage, and can be left on for extended periods of time, so you can leave your home office and return to it still smelling amazing.

Another perk of essential oil diffusers, they can make beautiful intentional holistic home decor! There are so many styles, materials, and colors, that you can find an essential oil diffuser that looks like a piece of art and can blend into the existing decor and design of your home.

I've put together a list of my top essential oil diffusers that I'm not only in love with for their look, but they also have some great features.


Vitruvi Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

If an essential oil diffuser met and married home decor, the Vitruvi Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser would be their love child. A stone porcelain exterior, this diffuser looks more like a piece of pottery. It comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, terracotta, and grey. Featuring ultrasonic technology, it doesn't require heat to warm up and activate the essential oils, which helps to preserve the quality of the oils for their health benefits. It has two run settings and offers a safety shut-off feature, which is useful when you have it running for long periods of time.

Sacred Lotus Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Another pottery piece lookalike, the Sacred Lotus Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser features a textured ceramic top with a 100% natural wood base. This mix of materials gives this product a sleek and stylish look in your home office, bedroom, or living room's decor. The diffuser features a 7-9 hour run time and has three timer setting options so you can control how much or little you want whichever essential oil to fill your home.

Wanlola Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Similar to the Vitruvi Diffuser, the Wanlola Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser offers all the same benefits and features, but for about half the cost less. Working with ultrasonic technology, it gently and safely activates your essential oil blends and produces little to no noise in the process. Its stone facade comes in a variety of colors as well, from terracotta, to blush rose pink, white, and black.

Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser

The witch in me is in love with the Aria Essential Oil Diffuser from Young Living. It resembles a glass potion jar, but looks way more sleek and modern. Almost like if Sabrina the Teenage Witch was living in these modern times. It features a glass top and wooden base, being a great blend of natural materials. This essential oil diffuser also offers seven different LED light configurations, so if you wanted to get a little spooky and a whole lotta witchy with your essential oils, I'm not stopping ya.

Ajna Essential Oil Diffuser

Another Vitruvi clone, the Anja's sleek and minimalist design is perfect for blending into one's home decor. It includes several features such as heat free technology, auto shutoff, and multiple timer settings. Handmade, it also showcases a beautiful look and feel for your holistic home.

Shades of Nature Onyx Essential Oil Diffuser

Stone and crystal lovers, you're gonna want to know about the Shades of Nature Onyx Essential Oil Diffuser. Featuring natural onyx stone and a beech wood base, it's a beautiful combination of earthy and natural materials. Onyx is a stone that promotes strength and sensuality. What better stone to use when working with essential oils that also help to connect to the sensual sense of smell? This diffuser offers four timers settings and has a 9 hour continue run time. At night, you'll enjoy the beautiful glow omitted from this natural stone.

Kobodon Tea Light Fragrance Diffuser

Not technically an essential oil diffuser, but honorable mention for the Kobodon Tea Light Diffuser for those holistic homebodies on a budget. It's versatile design makes it great for tealight candles, wax melts, and essential oils. Electric powered, it's safe to use, and it's ceramic body keeps with an earthy and stylish decor.

For more tips on essential oil, check out my other blog posts to find which essential oils are best for you!


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