Your EcoSpiritual Guide to Candles

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Sooooo I’m a little obsessed with candles (what witch isn’t?). There is just something so comforting about how they flicker and cast their warm glow throughout a space. I used to be that kid (and I guess now adult) who can’t help but stop and smell the candles at a store. Now I used them all the time, as either mood lighting or for my yoga or witchy practices. Candles after all connect to the element of fire and are used for invoking creativity, passion, and action.

Being a candle collector, I was curious about the types of candles out there. Just like cleaning supplies and bath products, were some candles healthier for you, your home, and the environment? Well low and behold, I discovered that all candles are not created equal.

The candle industry has different types of waxes they use in their products. Here is a breakdown of the types of waxes used and where they stand when it comes to sustainability and being green: