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grudge inspired seattle apartment common space design

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In a urban city full of renters, it's a competitive field for apartment complexes. Needing to stand out, this complex decided to remodel their lobby and lounge to create a fun and engaging amenity space for its renters. Located in the Pike/Pine corridor of Seattle's Capitol Hill, a neighborhood known for its nightlife and music scene, the design concept tooks some notes (no pun intended) from its lively location. 

capitol hill interior designer design

Partnering with a local Seattle artist, a mural wall was created out of reclaimed cassette tapes to create a feature behind the kitchen bar. Other musical nodes include the vintage radios, artwork of instrument prototypes, and albums of local Seattle music legends like Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, and Pearl Jam. 

Keeping with the highlight of Seattle music and the grunge scene, the design of the lounge itself reflects the grit, grim, and edge while still being tasteful. The interior architecture of concrete slab flooring, exposed ductwork, and brick relate to the industrial design styles of era as do the furniture and finish choices. Rich leathers mixed with salvaged wooden block end tables balance the dark nature of this style and bring warmth to the large lobby to help it feel cozy and a place to enjoy for hours on end. 

Overall, its design is as complex and dynamic as the city of Seattle itself. 

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

Completed at Board & Vellum as a part of the Interior Design Team

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