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10 Holistic Habits to bring into your Home for better Health and Happiness

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Does the end of the year get you thinking of how next year is going to be bigger and better than ever? New Year's Resolutions aren't a new thing, especially when it comes to the common goals of having better health and happiness. But by the time January 31st rolls around, many of us have already given up on our goals.

Having a healthier and happier life isn't a magic pill. It's not a change that happens by snapping your fingers. It's a transformative process and shifting of yourself, and one of the ways to help keep your NYR goals on track is by introducing holistic health habits.

Wanting to bring more health and happiness into your day to day? Then you need some holistic habits. Here are ten holistic living habits to incorporating into your daily routine.


Morning Meditation

After you wake up, your brain is like a fully charged iphone: fresh and ready to tackle the day. However, the first thing many of us often do when first waking up IS to go for our phones, scrolling through social media, checking our emails, etc. Screen time first thing in the morning releases artificial dopamine, which blocks the brain from naturally creating its own source. You're more likely to search for the screentime 'high' throughout your day, rather than finding peace and joy in the smaller moments.

Try meditating first thing in the morning instead. Meditation boosts your mood naturally, plus offers a variety of other mental health benefits such as increasing focus and productivity, as well as lowering stress and worry. All you need is 10 minutes each morning to get going.

Daily Dose of Nature

I strongly believe you can never have too many trees in your life. That's because nature is so healing! There have been numerous studies showing how spending time outdoors in nature can reduce your cortisol levels, which causes stress, leading you to feel more calm and at peace.

Nature also has some good physical benefits aside from its uplifting effects on your mind. Getting outside and going on a walk, bike ride, or any type of movement in the outdoors provides your body with physical activity. So hug a tree and get outside!

Meal Prepping

After a long day of work, errands, and children, who has the time or energy to make a healthy meal? So many of us reach for the takeout menu or open the ubereats app when it comes to dinner time instead of making a tasty and nutritious meal.

To create the holistic habit of eating healthy, try meal prepping on a weekend. Make batch meals for the week and store them in containers for easy grab-and-go access. You can also cut up your vegetables or cook up your proteins, which can help you stay on track with your healthy eating as it cuts down on the time to make your meals each day.

Clean Eating

This holistic habit goes hand in hand with meal prepping. When choosing your meals, remember, you are what you eat. So instead of choosing the box of processed cereal in the morning or going for the microwavable meal at lunch, opt for whole foods that support clean eating. Loaded with your essential vitamins and minerals to support your body and mind, you'll get more benefits than just a tasty meal.

Drinking Water

Your body is over half water, so it's important that you're drinking enough of it. Aside from hydrating your body, drinking water supports your digestion, improves brain functioning, boosts energy, and prevents the onset of kidney stones. It also flushes toxins from your body. Yea, water does a lot!

One way you can ensure you're drinking enough water is by carrying a reusable water bottle with you. I know for me when I'm going about my day, a habit I incorporate is brining my water bottle with me wherever I go. That way, I stay reminded to keep hydrated. Another tip is to make sure that you're drinking clean water. Most tap water is full of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine which is horrible for our health. Get a water filter for your faucet to remove these harmful chemicals.


Let's get physical! Exercise is one of the three aspects of good body health (the other two being diet and sleep). So get moving. Get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. Pro tip? Do something you enjoy. If you HATE running, then don't run. Instead, find a physical activity you like, such as dancing, biking, or swimming. If you dislike a physical activity, but are forcing yourself to do it for the sake of your health, you'll be less likely to maintain this activity over a long period of time.

Instead, when you find activities you enjoy, you can incorporate them into your daily habits and routines, making them a moment of your day you look forward too.

Ten Minute Tidy Up

This tip you have my childhood to thank for. Do you ever notice how messes just keep piling up? That's because these items that end up on your countertops, kitchen table, and office desk you are constantly interacting with daily. That means you have to take care of these messes every day. Clutter and messes can make a huge impact on your health holistically. This can look like high blood pressure, headaches, stress, lack of focus, and depression. Now before you get overwhelmed at the idea of 24/7 cleaning, this is where my tip comes in.

Did anyone else watch the Big Comfy Couch? It was a classic 90s PBS show, and at the end of every episode there was something called the ten second clean up. This was where the character took ten seconds to tidy up the mess she had made during the 30 minutes of public broadcasting. Now you can do this too for your home, but instead of ten seconds, try ten minutes. Every night before you end your day, do a sweep of your home and put away items, organize your desk, and reset for the next day.

Take up Journaling

Dear diary....when IS the last time you journaled? Even if you're not a writer, journaling is a great way to process and sort out thoughts and emotions that come up in your day to day. Often times when we put our thoughts out on paper, we can take a step back from the emotions, which helps to analyze our feelings, leading to more emotional regulation and intelligence.

Journaling is also useful for planning one's day, helping to adhere to goals/tasks, brainstorming new creative ideas, or finding peace and joy through methods like gratitude journaling. Take a few minutes each day to journal and add this healthy habit into your daily routine.

Limit your Screen Time

This tip may seem impossible in today's modern world, but limiting your screen time is important for your health and happiness. That is because blue screens from your iphones and computers not only put a strain on your eyes, but they also disrupt your circadian rhythm. And if you spend a lot of time on social media, they also give off artificial dopamine, which is a chemical that gives us pleasure.

Dopamine is good, but getting it through artificial ways such as screens lessens our bodies to produce it on our own, which is why we constantly seek out TikTok videos and scroll through Instagram for two hours. Try scheduling a time during your day where you are allowed to have screen time, such as a lunch break or after work.

Get Enough Sleep

For so many years we've heard that diet and exercise were important for physical health, but now we understand that there is one other aspect that is a cornerstone for our body's health and happiness....and that's sleep! Sleep is extremely crucial for our holistic health. That is because sleep resets our bodies, restores our cells, and refreshes our minds for a bright new day ahead. Not getting good sleep or not getting enough sleep can cause a series of health issues, such as high blood pressure, lowered immune system, depression, fatigue, and even stroke/heart attacks.

While everybody's body is a little different in terms of how much sleep per night is necessary, eight hours per night is the average recommended time. Make sure also that you have a bedroom that is set up for the best sleep possible. Keep the bedroom tidy and clean, and try to find ways to reduce distractions, such as no electronics or having blackout curtains to block the light.

Incorporate Self-Love Rituals

Love thyself....and show it. Taking care of your home, your family, your work, your gotta take care of YOU first. I remember hearing this important saying, "in order for us to give love from our cup, we first have to make sure that our cup is filled up." Taking care of yourself should be your first priority, but often we are so busy with life that our time gets put on the backburner.

Make time and schedule some self-love moments throughout your day and week. This can look like a bubble bath, making yourself a fancy dinner and dining by candlelight, or going on a hike in the woods. You know what brings you joy, so go do it!


Adding these healthy habits into your life, you'll begin to bring more health, happiness, and holistic perspectives into your day to day. You don't need to start on January 1st either. There is no 'perfect time' to start changing up your life. The important thing is the willingness to change and the dedication to keep consistency with your habits.

May you live your best life!

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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