Nine Natural Ways to Improve the Air Quality in your Home

Updated: Jun 25

You might think that staying indoors is key to a healthy home and healthy life. With all the urban pollution, smog, and bacteria outside, it's better to stay inside, right? Actually, your home is worse than the outdoors, even with things like haze and viruses. Whaaat??? Yup, you heard me right. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this unhealthiness in your home has to do with your air quality.

Indoor Air Quality is one of the top five health hazards according to the EPA.  It’s hard to imagine since you don’t see this happening, but your home becomes a host for dust, pollen, chemicals, and other pollutants in the air. These lead to health issues such as allergies, nasal irritation, headaches/fatigue, even more serious issues like cancer and heart disease.

Thankfully you can combat these unhealthy effects through natural ways. You don’t need to spend boat loads of $$ on expensive HVAC systems or some fancy air purifier. Here are nine natural ways you can start improving your home's air quality.


Open your Windows

Sounds so silly, but it’s probably the cheapest and easiest way you can get better air in your home. Opening your windows helps to circulate the air, which is crucial for air quality. Just be mindful if you live in urban areas that get a lot of street pollution. Open up your windows at times when there is less traffic such as early in the morning or late at night. Do this 2x a day for around 10 minutes each.