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How to Decorate for Gemini

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

It’s Gemini Season! Gemini are a bit complicated to describe. A flighty air sign, they tend to be here, there, and everywhere, constantly changing. So how does one decorate their space?

Here are some design tips to help create the perfect comfy home.


All White Rooms

All white walls might be seen as bland and boring, but for the Gemini, they are a great way to calm the active mind of this sign. Since Gemini are very stimulated, they need a backdrop that is peaceful for their busy brains. Don't worry, you can always make it fun for the Gemini with wall art!

Keep it Simple

Just like white walls can be very soothing to the thinking Gemini, so can the visual ‘stuff’ that is in the room. Lots of knick knacks, art on the walls, furniture, can not only be seen as clutter to a Gemini space, but clutter to a Gemini mind. Keep things simple by opting for a more minimalist approach to design. Make sure clutter is hidden in drawers and cabinets for a soothing space.

Horizontal Lines

When it comes to patterns, zig zags and paisley prints can be overly stimulating for a Gemini. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they are constantly thinking, observing, etc., so these patterns can increase this mental chatter in the mind. Instead, opt for more soothing line work, such as the simplistic horizontal line. Having this in a painting or in the form of a low to the ground sofa will help instill this grounding and calm element into the design.

Color Blocking

Okay so serene walls and calming space aside, Gemini are a fun and exciting bunch. They need some excitement in their spaces as well. This can be a challenge however to balance with the calming element. This is why color blocking is the trend for a Gemini. It’s a subtle way to bring in a POP of color while still keeping things relatively relaxed. Try a stylish color blocked pillow or even go a bit bolder for a color blocked bit of cabinetry, such as in a kitchen!

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Happy decorating Gemini!


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