The BIGGEST Plastic Swaps to Help the Planet

Updated: Jun 13

Plastic waste has gotten out of control. You might have heard of the self-made plastic island that is floating around the ocean. That island, called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is now 3x the size of France. 90% of this is plastic, and because of this, the island is continuing to grow. 

The biggest contributor to the plastic problem is the use of single-use plastics. These short-lived items have a long time being decomposed (around 1000 years). While all these facts seem daunting, there IS something we can be doing to help combat these growing numbers.  

Any environmentalist or eco-friendly advocate knows of the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. So many people just focus on the Recycle aspect of this motto, but don't do the other two. Especially in regards to plastic waste, recycling just isn't enough. Under half of all recycled plastic are made into new items. Since the plastic problem stems from single-use plastics that often can't be recycled, we aren't doing a lot to help the problem through just recycling.

That is why reducing our plastic waste and reusing items is key in fighting plastic pollution. By making easy reusable shifts and swaps in our items and lives, we can greatly reduce the amount of plastic we are producing.

Needing some guidance? Here are the top plastics to avoid and their eco-friendly swaps. 


Plastic Water Bottle

BEFORE | Even if you think that you're doing your part by recycling that plastic bottle, the truth is that only about 7% of all plastic bottles get recycled. Most just end up in landfills. And those paper coffee cups that you get on your way to work in the morning? Nope, those