Feng Shui your Bedroom - Tips to Create a more Peaceful and Relaxing Night's Sleep

Updated: Mar 16

Sleep is important. It is a cornerstone of a healthy self. The importance of a good night’s rest has been linked to boosting your mood, improving memory, and an overall improvement in performance. In order to achieve that R&R, people have resorted to all kinds of alternative methods, from sleepy time teas to yin yoga before bed. But did you know that your bedroom could also be affecting your sleep?

According to Feng Shui teachings, the arrangement of our spaces can be a serious problem to our health. As energy affects our overall well being, the energy in our bedroom can affect our sleeping patterns. With a few easy solutions, you can aid in improving your night’s rest. Here are some simple Feng Shui tips to how to improve your bedroom for a peaceful night’s rest.


Remove Electronics

A bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, but many people use this space for more than just sleeping. It often takes a secondary function, either as an office or a living room. In Feng Shui, computers, televisions, and any other electronics disrupt the peaceful energy of a bedroom and can leave one feeling tired and irritable. Disconnect these devices for some peace of body, mind, and soul.