Where to place your Bed according to Feng Shui

Looking for a good night's rest? Applying Feng Shui to your bedroom is a great way to work with the energies of your home to support better health and well-being. But understanding the energies of your home can be confusing and frustrating. Thankfully it doesn't have to be.

Want to learn where to place your bed according to Feng Shui? First you have to understand the schools of Feng Shui.


Form School vs Compass School

To better understand where to place your bed, it's best to know what school of Feng Shui you are using. In Classical Feng Shui, there are two main schools: the form school and the compass school. These two schools have different approaches on how to place furniture and work with qi (energy) in Feng Shui.

The Form School

The Form School is the oldest known school of Feng Shui. Many of its principles are used in all forms of Feng Shui as a base of understanding the energy in your home. In the Form School, an ideal placement of your bed should be on the wall opposite your door into the bedroom.

The is according to the Celestial Animals of Feng Shui. Having your headboard against a main wall helps you in feeling protected and grounded while you sleep, while being able to view and see the entrance of your bedroom is important to access the energies coming into your room.

Another important tip to note in the placement of your bed is to avoid the foot of your bed being in direct path of your door. This is considered bad Feng Shui and detrimental for your energy. This is called the coffin position, and is symbolic of a funeral procession and the dead being moved 'feet first'. When you sleep, your energy escapes your body, and having your body directly in line with your bedroom door allows your energy to escape the room at night. A simple solution is moving your bed slightly off center from the door so your feet do not align.</