How to Feng Shui Your Kitchen - Bring Health and Good Energy into your Home

Updated: Mar 16

If you’ve been to any social gathering, then you know that it often will encompass food. From major events to Thanksgiving, to smaller occasions such as barbecues, we cook up and prepare meals in our kitchens to share with our friends and family.

Our kitchens are a great source of vital life energy for our spaces. Connecting to the lower chakras, they relate to our physical survival through food. They are also a source of connection and socialization, as food is such a major part of these events.

Having a healthy kitchen from a Feng Shui perspective is focused on strengthening a specific energy of that space through direction and the use of certain elements. This creates a good flow of energy throughout the space and can unify us more with our home.


Direction of Your Kitchen 

A good direction for the kitchen is in the South area of your home. The south direction is associated with the element of fire, which is the element connected to the kitchen. The element of fire connects to attributes of passion, creativity, and expression. The kitchen is where the main source of creativity and expression takes place.  Creating meals and socializing with friends and family, these activities that take place in the kitchen can support creative energy for the rest of the home.

If your kitchen is not in the South direction of your home, here are some tricks to still bring good energy and Feng Shui into your kitchen space.

Use the Color Red