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The Top Ten Feng Shui Mistakes you're making in your Home and how to Cure them

If you want to improve the energy of your home to promote more balance and harmony in your life, Feng Shui is a great tool to apply to your space. Working as a professional Feng Shui consultant, a lot of my clients will come to me after trying to apply Feng Shui themselves, yet things aren't flowing smoothly for them in their homes or lives.

There can be a lot of reasons why the Feng Shui isn't working for them, but often times, I am finding one of these common Feng Shui mistakes they are making. By just making these slight tweaks and fixes, the energy greatly improves and they can feel the difference in their spaces.

Want to learn what the top ten Feng Shui mistakes are? Keep reading to find out AND what to do if you run into these Feng Shui faux paus.


Mistake 1 - Having Clutter

Clutter is a HUGE no-no in Feng Shui, as it slows down the flow of qi throughout your home. When you have a cluttered home, you are creating stagnant energy, which can lead to a multitude of affects such as low motivation, poor health, and a lack of money.

Go throughout your home and make sure your tabletop surfaces, counters, and corners are free from clutter. Check your entry area and tidy up any shoes, bags, and coats. Get some boxes, bins, and organization systems and implement them in your closets and cabinets. You can check out my blog post on top organization products for more help.

Mistake 2 - Storage under the Bed

I get it. Sometimes storage space is limited and you need to find ways to hide unsightly items. However, you should avoid storing these things under your bed.

The bed is an important area for your own energy in Feng Shui. It is the space where you rest, rejuvenate, and restore your energy. When you have storage underneath your bed, it causes stagnation and interrupts the flow of energy, causing restless nights, poor sleep, and overstimulation.

Instead, opt to store your items in other areas of your home. Try a storage furniture piece like a chest, cabinet, or bookcase or opt to store in your closet.

A blue bedroom with boho design details
Keep beneath your bed tidy and clean for good energy flow

Mistake 3 - TV in the Bedroom

Even though this is a very common Feng Shui 'Don't', I still find so many people making this mistake when I do Feng Shui Consultations. TVs and other electronics produce EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) which disrupt the energetics of a space. They also provide too much energy for these yin areas, like the bedroom, and can lead to poor sleep and overstimulation.

Relocate these electronics to more yang areas like the living room or remove entirely if you already a TV watching zone in the public areas of your home.

Mistake 4 - Placing a Mirror at your Front Door

While it may make sense to have a mirror at your entry for checking your appearance before you head out the door, this can be extremely harmful in Feng Shui. The main mistake with this is WHERE you place your mirror.

When you have a mirror that is directly aligned with the front door (or where you can see the door in the mirror's reflection), this bounces the energy that wants to enter your home directly back outside. This means you're not inviting good qi into your home, which disrupts the flow of energy for your entire space.

A Feng Shui cure for this would be to move the mirror location so it's not reflecting the front door. If this is not possible, replace the mirror with a piece of art instead.

Mistake 5 - Having your Bed align with your Door

If you have heard anything about Feng Shui and the bedroom, it would probably be the location and position of the bed. While there are a lot of Do's and Don'ts when it comes to the bed, the biggest mistake is having your bed align with your door. This position is known as the Coffin Position and is very disruptive towards your energy.

The simplest solution is to relocate your bed. You can check out my blog post of best positions and placements for your bed.

Green transitional bedroom
It's nice to be able to see the door to your bedroom in Feng Shui, but not be aligned with it

Mistake 6 - Using your Bedroom for Work

This Feng Shui mistake is especially common in shared apartments and smaller house spaces. I often see so many people doing work in their bedroom space and then they wonder why they have difficulty focusing or sleeping!

The bedroom really is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation. It's a yin based room and should support more relaxing activities like sleep, reading, and meditation. When you have your desk in your bedroom, you are bringing in a different energy which is not aligned with the energy of the room.

Try placing your desk in a more yang space like a living room or seperate home office. If you share an apartment with other people, perhaps look to establish work hours or try going to a coffee shop or co-working space instead.

Mistake 7 - Not being in the Command Position

The Command Position is an important set up in Feng Shui layouts. In the Command Position, you want your back against a wall and to be facing the room or space. This puts you in control of the energy and allows you to reap the benefits of Feng Shui.

However, this is a common mistake in home space plans and layouts. Often times desks are against walls and sofa backs are exposed, which does not support you receiving the best energy possible in a space.

Mistake 8 - Having Dead Plants

If you love the idea of house plants but struggle to keep them alive, it's best to avoid plants entirely. While plants are a great cure to Feng Shui your home, as they bring fresh qi into a space, it serves no purpose when you have dead plants or plants with dried and brown leaves. The best fixes are to get plants that are more manageable to take care of (like succulents) or remove these plant friends from your home.

TV media unit with mid century chair
A green and happy plant means better Feng Shui

Mistake 9 - Keeping your Toilet Lid Up

When it comes to bad Feng Shui, bathrooms are notoriously challenging for the energetics of a home. That is because bathrooms contain a lot of water qi, which allows energy to escape and go down the drain.

While there aren't many cures you can do for a bathroom, a BIG and important Feng Shui Do is to have your toilet lid closed. This prevents added qi from escaping down the drain.

Mistake 10 - Not Fixing Broken Items

When something breaks in your home, you mind struggle to find the motivation to take care of fixing it right away. However, days turn into weeks, which means worse Feng Shui for your home.

Neglecting to fix broken items like leaky pipes, broken appliances, and peeling paint jobs creates more negative energy for your home. If you have something broken that can't be fixed like a chipped plate, it's best to remove this item all together.


If you have any of these Feng Shui mistakes, it's best to cure them ASAP. Poor Feng Shui can impact your life in so many ways, plus many of these solutions are simple and easy. For more Feng Shui help and to fully access the potential of your home's energy, book a virtual Feng Shui Consultation with me.

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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