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What to do for the Lunar New Year - How to call abundance, good health, and energy into your home using Feng Shui

If you thought the New Year starts on January 1st, think again. For many people around the world, the New Year is coordinated to the Lunar Cycles, hence the Lunar New Year otherwise known as the Chinese New Year.

The Lunar New Year connects deeper to the energies of the cosmos and planet and is a widely celebrated event. Every year, people will Feng Shui their homes to work with this energy so that they can bring prosperity, abundance, and good fortune into their lives for the next full year.

Want to work with this energy yourself? Here are some ways to work with Feng Shui to help align your home to receiving all of these good energies for the new year.


Declutter your Home

2 weeks prior to the Lunar New Year, people will declutter their homes. This is because clutter holds energy. In order to call in the good energies of the new year, letting go of your objects that no longer serve you, your home, and your life is an important first step in Feng Shui.

Do a Deep Clean

An important second step to decluttering your home is to physically clean your space. Imagine you have a guest coming from out of town. Your guest bedroom has been your second storage space, filled with boxes and clutter. You decide to remove all the clutter, creating space for your guest to stay, but then decide not to vacuum, dust, or sweep the room. Yuck!

That's how the energies feel in your home. It's important to make your home feel fresh and presentable for welcoming in these good energies in.

Wood door and entry
The front door is where energy enters the home in Feng Shui

Feng Shui your Entrance

One of the most important areas of your home in terms of energy is your entrance and front door. This is known as the mouth of qi in Feng Shui and is where energies enter your space. If you don't have a properly Feng Shui'd entry, energy is not going to make it's way into the rest of your home.

Make sure the area is clean and clutter-free and apply simple Feng Shui cures like adding an entry rug to your space, fresh houseplants, and a wind chime outside. For more Feng Shui cures for your Front Door, be sure to download your FREE Feng Shui Guide.

Activate your Home's Bagua Map

What are you looking to call into the new year? More money? New love? Better health? Ushering in these good energies for the Lunar New Year, you can look at your home's bagua map to help identify the proper rooms and spaces to activate using Feng Shui.

The Bagua Map is a tool used in Feng Shui to locate the sectors of life and how they relate to your specific home. Using the bagua map, you'll have more awareness in which rooms to apply certain Feng Shui cures so you can work with these energies to call in specific things into your life for the new year.

Leather sofa with throw pillows and green wall
Add some pops of red through accent pillows

Decorate with the color Red

In China where the Lunar New Year is widely celebrated, the color red is symbolic for good luck and prosperity. It is in many of the traditions to use this color to attract more good fortune into your life. One of the ways you can work with this lucky color is by adding it to your home's decor. You can weave in pops of red accent pieces throughout your home's design through pillows, vases, and other small details.

Green dining room with red oak floors
The dining room is an important area of the home for abundance

Feng Shui your Dining Room

If you're looking to manifest more wealth, abundance, and prosperity into the new year, the dining room is a crucial area to Feng Shui. The dining room is a symbolic area for this energy, as food and family help to activate this abundant qi.

Easy Feng Shui cures for the dining room are to add a rug under your dining table, make sure your dining room is clutter-free, and to add a bowl of oranges or fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Food plays a very significant role in the Lunar New Year, especially oranges. That's because it's a traditional food that symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Add this to your dining room to help activate this qi.

Locate the Grand Duke Qi

Every Lunar New Year brings in different energies according to the Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, each Zodiac Animal corresponds to a direction on the bagua map. Every year as we celebrate a different Chinese Zodiac (year of the monkey, year of the ox, etc), this direction that the energy is coming from changes. This New Year qi is known as the Grand Duke Qi or Tai Sui.

It's important with the Grand Duke energy to not have your back turned towards it. Understanding where this energy is entering from each year, you can Feng Shui your home accordingly. For 2024, this energy is the Wood Dragon, and the direction is East.


As you can see, there are many ways in which to align yourself and your home to the energies of the Lunar New Year. Working with these energies and using Feng Shui in your home, you can call in more of this good energy and abundance into your life with ease.

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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