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Maximize your Small Space - Designing your Tiny Dwelling for Comfort and Function

If you know me, you know that I am a self-proclaimed small space specialist. My credentials? Aside from being an Interior Designer, I have been obsessed with small spaces and tiny homes. A tiny house project in Design School led me down the rabbit hole of living in a small footprint.

I've also lived in enough small spaces to know how challenging they can be for people in both functional use and storage WHILE balancing the cozy and peaceful vibes we all want from our homes.

So whether you're rocking a snug apartment, a pint-sized urban pad, or just want to ace the space-saving game, I've got the tricks to whip your compact haven into a comfy, functional paradise. Get ready to work some spatial sorcery and make every square foot count!


Furniture - Where Form Meets Function

Alright, here's the deal with small spaces – every piece of furniture is like a VIP guest at a party; it's got to bring something awesome to the table. Think transformer-style sofas that go from lounging to snoozing in a snap. Coffee tables that moonlight as storage heroes. And those sassy open-legged furniture pieces that let the room breathe. It's all about picking the A-team – items that rock the style AND utility game.

Small spaces work better with small scale furniture

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Say hello to your new BFF in the small space club – the mirror. Hang 'em right, and they'll make your space feel expansive and like you're living large. They bring that good yang qi into your tiny home and give you double the square footage (at least visually). Plus, they're light-reflecting wizards, bouncing sunshine and lamp glow to every corner....I'm talking to you basement studios!

Welcome your Wall's Potential

You know that 'look up' advice? It's not just for life – it's for nifty small space design too. Go tall with shelves that are practically sky-high book heavens. Swing in some hanging plants and toss up a couple of floating shelves. What you lack in square footage, you can make up for in your walls. Some good options include floating nightstands, fold-out tables, and other sneaky ways to free up your floor space.

Book shelves give this little girl's room the perfect small reading nook

Hide and Seek your Storage

It's time to play hide and seek, but with your storage space. Get sneaky and add functional furniture like coffee table ottomans that opt for extra storage, entry benches for stashing your shoes, and even sleeper sofas for those overnight guests. The secret it keeping the unsightly clutter hidden away behind closed storage pieces so your space feels tidy and tamed.

An empty space by the balcony become the perfect dining area

Get in the Zone

Small apartments and tiny homes don't have the luxury of having a room or seperate space for every single function. That is why you need to zone your home. Your cozy living room might also function as your home office. Your kitchen island for prepping your meals also becomes your dining room table. Things may seem tight, but with the help of your functional furniture and use of vertical space, you can make it happen!


Now that you're officially armed with small space secrets that'll have your small studio or tiny home looking and feeling fantastic, it's time to design! You've got this, and if you don't, well that's why you got me!

Your Holistic Home Helper,


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