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Self Care for your Qi - Tips for Restoring your Energy based on Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Self care is important for us all. In order for us to fully be present and do the things we want to do in life, we must first take care of ourselves. Self care looks different for everyone, and some people can struggle in finding ways to restore and replenish their energy.

One of the ways you can find out what you and your wellbeing need is through understanding your qi type. This is based on the principles of Feng Shui and knowing which of the five elemental energies you most carry.

Understanding your qi type is a start in learning not only about yourself, but the practices that suit you and your energy the best. If you don't know what your qi type is, discover what your feng shui element is. Otherwise, read on to learn what is the best self-care practices for your energy.



Fire types are very active people. Constantly going, they are the type that restores their energy through doing. They also have a bit of a temper and can be seen as 'hot headed'. Moving your body by running, dancing, a vinyasa flow, or any other type of exercise helps to get the heart pumping and releases excess energy. The heart is the organ associated with the fire element, so connecting to this is important in self care for this qi.

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This qi type is highly emotional and often seen as sensitive, intuitive, or deep. As such, they're very in tune with their feelings and channel this through creative ways like painting, poetry, music or other types of art. To connect to this element, bring in self-care rituals like having a bath night. Use essential oils, bath salts, and candles to bring in a relaxing and restoring energy.

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Grounded, resourceful, and practical, Earth qi connects deeply to the physical senses, especially the hands. Soothing activities like gardening, pottery, woodworking, and knitting all nourish this qi. Cooking is another great activity, since it connects to the stomach, which is the organ connecting to this element, as well as the Earth's love to nourish and caretake. Another caring self-care activity is spending time with a furry loved one. Lastly, to connect to this element itself, spend quality time in nature and try forest bathing.

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Wood qi people like to stay very active and busy. That's why a moving meditation, such as yoga or tai chi is good for this energy type. Forest bathing and spending time out on a hike is another great self-care activity for wood people, as they connect deeply to the trees. Wood people like to work with their hands, so activities that involve crafting, such as woodworking, knitting, or jewelry making can be a soothing practice as well.

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This type of qi is very centered around the mind. Because of this, activities just as journaling are a great self-care activity to get this element out of their heads. The organ that is associated with the metal element is the lungs. Knowing this, breath work like tai chi or vinyasa yoga are good activities to connect to this organ. Since metal people are very contained and organized, doing some house cleaning is another stress-reducing activity that is soothing and productive for this qi.

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With a better understanding of your qi, you can implement these self-care practices to help restore your energy. Remember, you come first!


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